Kids, Arts and Crafts time with Crafty Carol starts…NOW! Today\’s craft is a DIY Night Light, or a \”Star Jar\”. If you love stars, space, doing arts and crafts, and maybe you\’re a little afraid of the dark (no judgments here!), then this star jar night light craft is the perfect activity for you! Follow Carol\’s step by step instructions using handy household materials (a jar, tin foil, some double stick tape, a paper clip or awl, scissors, a small battery operated light–okay that one might not just be laying around your kitchen, but you can find one at your standard pharmacy or your basic Wal-Mart kind of place). In just a few easy steps, you\’ll have your very own night light or Star Jar. Do some stargazing, wish upon a star, and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to your heart\’s content!

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